Top E-Panel Sdn Bhd, registered in 2001, is an electrical switchboard manufacturer certified by the Malaysian Energy Commission. It specializes in the manufacturing of AC phase to phase switchboards (up to 1,000 volts) and AC phase to earth switchboards (up to 600 volts).
Chee Soon Chin, the founder of Top E-Panel, believes in the value of quality on products and services, as well as the brand recognition of the company. Thus, Chee has leveraged his 20 years of experience in the electrical sector to fuel the growth of the company, providing superior services to clients that require them.
Electrical switchboard supplier
Our Manufacturing Capabilities
As a reputed electrical switchboard supplier, Top E-Panel is able to produce a variety of switchboards and their related components. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at the factory is able to produce Incoming Main Switchboards of up to 6000A, air-conditioning switchboards complete with starters and control circuits, wall-mounted / on-the-floor sub switchboards and distribution boards and etc. In addition, Top E-Panel has the capacity and capability to produce components such as power factor correction capacitors complete with automatic regulators, starter boards for motors, D.O.Ls, star-delta, auto-transformers, resistance starters, analog/digital protection relays, amp-metres, volt-metres, power factor metres and energy metres.
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